WTM 2016 Skål International London

WTM 2016 Skål International London

WTM 2016 Skål International London

Skål International’s attendance this year at London’s WTM’16 - “the global meeting place for the travel industry” – takes place at ExCel from Monday 7 to Wednesday 9 November and sees for the first time the doubling in size of the traditional Skal Stand.

Organised by Skål London, members from around the world will be able to take advantage of a range of exciting opportunities and Sponsorship packages to both advertise and promote the ‘USP’ of their businesses range of products and services.

A member’s lounge will be accessible for informal meetings with clients and guests while B2B desks will be available on day hires for formal meetings with clients and business prospects.

Skål International will be hosting two exceptional Skål events during WTM 2016:

  • First: A Welcome Executive Dinner: on Monday 7 November sets the pace featuring a sumptuous evening at an exclusive central London venue, with a notable keynote speaker and light entertainment for our top executive members and invited industry guests.
  • Second: A Young Professionals and Future Leaders evening: will be held on Wednesday, November 06, at a trendy venue in central London during which the all new Young Skal University clubs project will be launched. UK and International graduates together with young professionals will gather for an evening of networking and laughter featuring an inspirational guest-speaker. Free of charge for those under 35.

The traditional Skål members, guests evening “Get Together” event is scheduled to take place over the first two evenings of WTM and will this year be held at the Skål WTM’16 Stand, starting from 17.00hrs. through to 18.00hrs. on Monday 6. and Tuesday 7 November.

Skål looks forward to welcoming you in London!

For more information and details on Skål’s exclusive events & Sponsorship opportunities please contact:  Jean-Moussa Lucas at: jean@skallondon.co.uk

Skål International London - WTM’16 Event Director

Tel: +44 (0)7879 366 063