World Travel Market 2015 Report

World Travel Market 2015 Report

World Travel Market 2015 Report

One day set-up, four day show, over 50,000 attendees, 1000s who walked to Excel because the DLR was on strike, 120 prospective new Skål members, 52 Skålleagues and friends who attended the Skål reception Wednesday evening, over 400 students that now know about Young Skål , two tired Executive Council members (thank you newly elected Skål International President Nigel Pilkington and Senior Vice President David Fisher) – these are the numbers of WTM 2015.

Skål International London, with support from Torremolinos, organized the Stand, this year in the Europe section. A big thank you to Paul Hoskins, Brian Donnelly, Sebastian Chacko (all London) and Ken Sharpe from the Northern Ireland Club. And my personal thanks to all those who helped keep the stand manned every minute the show was open. You know who you are.

We had a well-attended, enthusiastic reception Wednesday evening at the South Buyers Club and on Thursday took part in the ITT “Future You” Conference. Ken, from the NI club, gave a short, very well received introduction to the benefits of Skål membership from his personal experience. It was clearly inspiring.

Business was done, old friends greeted and new friends made. It will be interesting to see how next year’s show, with it being cut down to 3 days, will accomplish the amount of networking and interaction we saw over the 4 days of WTM 2015. Mark your calendar WTM - Nov.7-9, 2016.


President Skål International UK Alison Partridge.