Southampton June Newsletter

Southampton June Newsletter

Welcome to the June edition of Skal News. I hope you all enjoyed the early summer weather which hopefully was an indication of more to come during June and beyond. I am particularly looking at the forecast for this Thursday evening when a large crowd of members and friends will board the Old Ferry Restaurant on the River Hamble. At the last count we were around 40 diners to sit down to dinner. This means, that most of you will be there and Eileen and I are as always looking forward to meeting you all again very soon now. May I remind you that there will be a raffle with the usual request to bring a raffle prize please.

It is the tradition to begin every News Letter with a report of our last function. So here is the SKITTLES NIGHT report: Once again 28 of us found our way to Southwick Golf Club for an evening of relaxed conversations, a bit of sport and a good supper. John, as always organised the event from start to finish, took the bookings, did the scoring, even served the food. Two teams tried their hardest to knock down 9 skittles with 3 balls. Only one of us managed to clear the deck with the third try. The rest of us are all out of practice. This is not surprising when from one year to the next we have not practiced once. The highest scorer on the night had 14 knocked down with 6 balls. You would think that is not impressive, but some of us, like me, I only managed half that score. What really mattered was that as usual for such occasions we all had a good time in a grandstand setting overlooking the Golf course and the Southdowns.

The Skittles Night was almost a month ago, in the meantime not much Skal activity took place in our area, unless you are one of the Council members. We met on the 11th of May at the offices of Angela Holidays to go through the agenda which highlights our financial state of affairs and the Social Diary updates amongst other topics. Under the heading of Secretaries report a message of thanks from Joe Hickson was read out. Our newly Oxford members attended and enjoyed their evening in the company of us all from Soton the April event at the Nepalese Restaurant. We also now have the final booking details for the National Skal Assembly to take place in September in Eastbourne available. More about that a bit later. We talked about the Draft Plan of the SKAL Strategic Plan for the next 20 years. Our treasurer John made a proposal of subsidising out of Club funds the President's Dinner and Dance at The MARWELL Hotel on the 4th of November 2017, to the tune of £10.00 per member. This reduction will also be available to paid-up associated member/friends in the form of a voucher.

At this meeting a proposal by your President to offer an incentive to our members to introduce a NEW FULL MEMBER who will pay a joining fee of £20.00 plus the annual subscription, and as a reward for the existing member, they would have their next year's subscription "FREE", this was approved! So, what are you waiting for? Please find us a few new members.

Under the Agenda heading Welfare we heard reports about Jack Jacobs and Pat Rowe, who are both still not in good health, our thoughts are with Margaret and Alan who are looking after them.

TWINNING: Brian Chambers visited Dubrovnik in May and brought greetings from Mirijana (President). In June John Bright will arrive in Dubrovnik by Cruise ship and will be meeting Dubrovnik Skal members.

Brian's visit to Croatia was to prepare the way for the Southampton ALBION BRASS BAND to tour the Dubrovnik region. This concert tour depends much on the assistance of Skal Dubrovnik; and they are very helpful. Some of us from Southampton will accompany the Band in October when we shall look forward to meeting the friends we made at our twinning event of last year. Equally, our club is expecting that three Dubrovnik members will join us at our President's Dinner/Dance in November, when they are attending the London Travel Market. Council members have offered accommodation for our visitors.

Our sister Club Brighton suffered another loss of a prominent member, ANTHONY GAY, who died while on holiday in France from a Heart attack. The news of Anthony's passing away was one of those terrible blows we do not want to face. The loss of a Skal friend with whom we are no longer able to share moments of joy and also very recently pain at Don Clark's funeral in Portsmouth where both Anthony and his widow Yolaine were present. Skal International Brighton has lost a very much loved member, as has the whole Skal family. We are all aware that Yolaine's grieve and loss is by far greater, and all the assurance of our collective support will never come close to replacing Anthony. We offer our most sincere condolences in the knowledge that Anthony's spirit will always remain amongst us.


SOUTHAMPTON SKAL SUMMER BUFFET LUNCH, Saturday 15th of July, 12,00 for 12.30

Stephanie Woodhams writes: "It is with much pleasure and not a little trepidation that Steph invites us all to an informal day at her home in Sway, in the New Forest. Trepidation at that very English optimism that the weather will be fine and that the garden will be at its best! Albeit small but well formed, (the garden that is). A selection of home prepared food and drinks will, she writes, keep those of us who come, suitably fed and watered. Owing to my somewhat limited parking space, my very good friend Caroline has offered the use of parking on her land behind my home. MAY I IMPLORE YOU TO LET ME HAVE YOUR NUMBERS BY THE 1st OF JULY SO THAT YOU DON'T GO HUNGRY! Please bring chairs and if possible a raffle prize along."

Directions and booking details are in the attachment to this news letter. The cost is only £10.00 per person.


Once again there will be no Skal function taking place in August. Attendance in the height of Summer and Holidays is poor. We shall be back in great numbers on our September Mini Cruise to St Malo, which is now fully booked. I shall therefore concentrate on promoting the National Assembly which will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2017. Skal members of the Brighton Club are behind an action-filled weekend. The HQ hotel is the Best western Lansdowne Hotel in Eastbourne, owed by Skal member and good friend Edward Lewis.  Eileen and I shall be part of that event and it would be very nice to have others from our club supporting both us and the Brighton efforts. A variety of packages are on offer to suit different needs. Eileen and I will stay for the two night package, Friday to Sunday which costs £289 sharing in a twin or double. I have a number of booking forms available, so please get in touch with me for full details.

is leaves me with enough space to remind you of the importance I and the Council place on our Bi- Annual President's Night's Dinner/Dance. The full details are now available and have been published by John Bright to all members and friends. The cost of this event is no reflection of the value we are actually receiving for money as once again this event will be heavily subsidised by the treasurer.