Southampton December Newsletter

Southampton December Newsletter

Welcome to the Christmas issue of Skål Southampton News

December is the time of reflection and for looking ahead to the next year. I will come back to this a bit later. For the moment let's concentrate on Christmas; Sunday the 11th of December must be firmly on our minds! Here we are at the end of November and I am far from feeling "Christmassy". For me the "Festive Season" begins at the Skal Family Christmas Lunch. We are once again bringing Christmas forward (some sort of clever calendar reorganisation to confuse Father Christmas). Right now more than 90 Skal members, family and friends are looking forward to our Club's Christmas Lunch at the EAST HORTON GOLF CLUB to be held on Sunday the 11th of December. This sparkly happy Party with all it's tinsel and twinkly lights and fond memories of past years Parties is our next event. Here now is a final reminder! Although we are around 90 at the moment, the venue can hold more, and it would be nice to have 100 of us there. There is still time to book this hugely popular family party. In case you had to delay your decision for whatever reasons, John Bright will be happy to hear from you. Arrival at 11.30 AM, Father Christmas will pop in before Lunch at 12.30Pm. The band will as usual begin playing towards Pudding time, the cost is as per last year £17.50, CHILDREN UNDER 13 PAY £7.50. One of the highlights is always the extra grand RAFFLE. Please be so kind and bring a festive Raffle Prize.

I began this newsletter by writing that December is the time of reflection and to looking ahead. We all have received our 2017 subscription notification from our treasurer John. In there we are informed of a minor increase of £1.00 to £65.00, this is to balance out the Pound/Euro exchange rate.

One or two of you might be considering giving-up on Skal. While we at local Southampton Skal are operating a normal, orderly and a well run club, with a steady membership and an active council, plus a varied and exciting calendar of events, not all is rosy on the National and International Skal scene. In case any of you is considering leaving Skal. My advice is...don't! It is better to remain, and fight for what you consider is wrong with our Organisation and be still there to enjoy a changed and revitalized modern National and International Skal movement.

Other News: I have now written 121 Newsletters, which marke's 10 years of keeping you informed, in the meantime technology has changed, but my style of letter has not. I am behind with computer knowledge, it is a whole lot easier to get older, than to get wiser.

The 200 Club: Have you heard? Next year's offer is as follows... shares purchased before 31st of February 2017 will only cost £10.00 per share. All shares purchased after that date will be the usual £12.00, in case you have not received an application form, please let me know.

Eileen and I are taking our Grandchildren to Hamburg for a weekend in early December. We shall be following a similar agenda of the one our Club outing did 3 years ago (minus the Red Light District). Again, the Hamburg Skal President Hubert Neubacher was helpful in my request for assistance with accommodation and a visit to the Miniatur Wunderland, which is run by  two Skal members.

Skal International Brighton, President Eric's Gala Night at the Lansdown Hotel, Eastbourne. There were three of us from Southampton representing our Club at Brighton's annual Gala Night. Lyn Snelgrove is now firmly the "FACE of SKAL UK and Southampton", attending all major events such as the National Assembly in Belfast, the International Congress in Monaco, the Dubrovnik Twinning, all National  Council meetings, and last weekend together with Eileen and myself the Brighton Dinner/Dance. To do all this you have to have time, money and a passion for Skal. I have a good feeling that Lyn is getting out of this commitment as much as she put's into this. Our Club is fortunate  to have a member of the caliber like Lyn.

But she is not alone in striving to keep Skal going. One other member of ours who is not able to attend our monthly meetings, who lives abroad, like Lyn is CLIVE DAVIS. Clive has done more for Skal International then any other  Skal member known to me. A past International President and a Membre D'Honneur, Clive is living in Sandnes in Norway in retirement with his wife Turid, but he remains very active in advising a great number of new and old Executive Skal People on Skal rules such as the Statutes, on Policy including policy changes, directions for the future of Skal UK and Worldwide. He is highly respected at Skal HQ, but unfortunately he is not known to our own members (apart from council members) because of distance, but I can assure you all that Clive is nevertheless also representing his Club, Southampton on the World Skal Stage. Because of him, John Bright (another Membre D'Honneur) and Lyn the name of Southampton is as familiar to Top Skal People as London, Paris or Berlin. Clive is a native of Winchester. We should be proud and consider ourselves lucky to have members such as those three amongst our mid's.

I have to make a correction! Lyn, the National Secretary thought that my report regarding the International Congress was not correct. I am sorry if I got my facts wrong, but my memory is like the Bermuda Triangle, informations go in, never to be found again. Lyn wrote:

Mark Alexander had a good vote in the first round for the position of Director of Skal, but no one else had 60% which is the rule. Usually the two with the lowest votes are asked to stand down. Peter Morrison wanted to stand down and recommended the meeting that his voters should vote for Mark. However, Yvonne (The Chairperson) called for another vote and as we were on electronic voting it was an immediate result. The bylaws have since changed so this can't happen again, Mark has been asked to stand again.

Looking ahead to January next year, our club will once again be taking part in a long Reunion Weekend staged by ANGELA HOLIDAYS  and is called "TO THE MANOR BORNE". This will all be happening at the exciting new venue of CRICKET ST THOMAS, Somerset, from Friday 13th of January 2017. Those of us who were part of last year's event enjoyed it so much that we booked our places straight away for 2017. The 3 night, 4 day package is full of entertainment and good food, comfortable rooms in Regency elegance, with sweeping staircases, vast gardens and history. At Cricket St Thomas, you feel "To The Manor Born", much of the original TV series was filmed here! Paula Roe is offering special Skal rates to members and friends, but hurry, the last time I spoke to Paula there were only 6 rooms left. The self drive price for the reunion was £189 per person or with the coach pick-up it will be £199.00.

In case that Eileen and I shall not see you at the Christmas lunch, we wish you a dream Christmas with rich blessings, much love and sunshine in your hearts. Eileen and Dieter.