Skål UK Newsletter - May 2017

Skål UK Newsletter - May 2017

Skål UK Newsletter – May 2017

Welcome Skålleagues our Spring 2017 Newsletter. This is the first edition of our newsletter since the National AGM, during which I had the honour of being elected your National President, along with elections of Eric Etienne (Brighton, Sussex and the Channel) as 1st Vice President and Mark Langham (Northern Ireland) 2nd Vice-President who will now be responsible for our National website

Lyn Snelgrove (Southampton) continues as Secretary, for which we are most grateful, and Mark Alexander (Northern Ireland) was re-elected to serve as our International Councillor. Mark will also lead on our Membership Development Programme, ably assisted by Eric Etienne and Executive Committee member, Cara Stewart-Clark (London).

Sadly, after a long illness, our stalwart Treasurer John Watts RIP died shortly after the AGM and we deeply mourn his loss. John gave great service over many years to both Skål Guernsey and Skål UK. Our sympathies and condolences go to John’s wife Lynne, daughter Amanda, his family and friends.

While we seek a member to take on the role of Treasurer our Internal Examiner and former Treasurer, David Goddard (Skål Scotland), has kindly volunteered his services as Acting Treasurer. So, many thanks to David for stepping in to the role at such a difficult time.

Looking to the future, we all have a great deal of work to do where our main priority is to increase and rebuild our clubs and national membership. Meanwhile, Skål Oxford Club has regrettably gone into suspension with their remaining members transferring to Southampton Club.

As your President, I and our National Executive Skålleagues will do everything we can to successfully action the bold Membership Development Programme currently in preparation by Mark Alexander and his team. Full details to be announced soon.

An integral element of our activities this year will be to promote Skål’s brand image and to increase the travel and hospitality industry’s awareness of Skål’s national and global reach, by sourcing and working with partners in the media - online and print, as well as recognised industry businesses.

Our nominated charity for 2017 is Just A Drop, and we look forward to developing our relationship over the coming months and during WTM-17.

Paul Hoskins, National President

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