Skål Guernsey Newsletter

Skål Guernsey Newsletter

Message from Roger Edwards, 2016 Guernsey Skål President

Thanks to you all for ensuring that International Skal Day did not pass by last month without our acknowledging the twin aims of worldwide goodwill and friendship for which our organisation is based.

With these twin ideals very much in mind, some fourteen members and guests gathered at La Barbarie Hotel on April 28 when we were delighted to spend an evening in the company of Guernsey members Don and Jackie Keys-Massey who had returned to the island for a short holiday from their home in Portugal.

Special thanks are due to Andy Coleman and his staff at La Barbarie for making the evening such a delightful one.

For those few of you who don't recall, it was some 82 years ago that, after 12 clubs from five countries had already been formed, Florimond Volckaert conceived the idea of uniting them into an international organisation.

So it was that, on April 28, 1934, the Association International des Skal Clubs (AISC) was created at the Hotel Scribe in Paris and Volckaert became our founder president. And the rest, so they say, is history. This history continues on the evening June 2 when we gather at Les Cotils in St. Peter Port for our next social function. I look forward to seeing you all there.