Skål Guernsey Newsletter

Skål Guernsey Newsletter

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Message from Roger Edwards 2016 Guernsey Skål President

A message of 'unanimous support' for John Watts' proposition for changes to Skal UK has been submitted to the powers that be on behalf of Skal International Guernsey.

I have today passed on your views to Skal International UK national secretary Lyn Snelgrove, adding that our members
feel the current situation is unsustainable and there is no alternative other than to accept the changes as proposed by
John at the earliest opportunity.

His proposals, which were circulated to you earlier this month, have been tabled for consideration and discussion at
the Skal National Assembly meeting in Belfast in September. If agreed, they will then require approval by Skal HQ.

John claims that National fees for all UK members could be reduced by at least £25 per member as we would have no
requirement under Skal rules to have a National Committee nor the need to hold an annual National Assembly.
Overall savings for Skal UK, he adds, could be as much as £7,000. With current membership hovering around the 160
mark, it would all appear to be a 'no-brainer'.

On the social front, thanks to everyone who attended my 'Afternoon Tea and Fizz' party earlier this month. Our next
event is Janie's 'Past President's Barbecue' on Sunday, August 14. As usual, please bring a bottle and let Janie know
in advance how you can assist with the catering. See you all there.