President’s report, 18 September 2015

President’s report, 18 September 2015

President’s report, 18 September 2015

President’s report on the occasion of the National Assembly 18 September 2015

Apologies to all clubs. Since I shattered my shoulder in March, travel has been severely curtailed and whereas I had really good intentions to visit all our UK clubs, I have had to be less ambitious and worry more about attending doctors and physio appointments. I now have about 60% mobility of my left arm which is probably as good as it gets. The pain is still with me. However, life has not ground to a complete halt.

In July, I moved to Folkestone and am enjoying the southeast coast while spending quite a lot on train fares!

In the Spring, Dieter from SKÅL Southampton, attended a meeting of what was being termed, the European Task Force, as an observer from SKÅL UK. His report indicated there was a lot of concern regarding the structure of SKÅL International, the Executive Committee and the International Council. A lot of the issues are reflected in the proposed Amendments to the Statutes which we will discuss Friday. It seems there is a move for change.

Thank you to Paul Hoskins for the hard work on our new National website, to Brian Donnelly for his tireless promotion of Young SKÅL. It will be interesting to see what conversion rate to full membership we see over the next few years. It is everyone’s duty to ensure we show the YS that full membership is worth it.

September 27th is UNWTO World Tourism Day. Seb Chacko, a London Board member, has been working on some ideas to recognise this and whereas it may not happen this year, for 2016 I am sure there will be a plan in place.

Paul Hoskins, Brian Donnelly and I have been working on getting our participation in WTM in order. We have also been in talks with ITT for participation in their “Future You” conference on the Thursday. This year we will be hosting a Wednesday evening (1730-1930) reception actually in Excel.

The World Congress is being held in Torremolinos October 28 to Nov.1.I hope you all had a good summer (what there was of it) and look forward to seeing some of you at the World Congress, followed immediately by WTM.

SKÅL UK President Alison Partridge