Guernsey October Newsletter

Guernsey October Newsletter

Skål National Weekend

by Janie Corbet, 2017 Guernsey Skål Past President

The 64th National Assembly in Eastbourne ten days ago provided an opportunity to meet up with Skålleagues, both old and new, in an atmosphere of cordiality and friendship. Jeff and I were particularly pleased to catch up many people we hadn’t seen in a long time.

The venue hotel, set on the seafront, has been recently upgraded and the bedrooms were very large and comfortable. Sadly we missed the Saturday trip as Jeff was suffering with sore knees (probably due to the fact we’d walked for about four hours the day before!). So Claudio has reported on this (see opposite).

We enjoyed three excellent evenings in a row and the entertainment on the Saturday was superb – with formalities kept to a minimum. Jeff and I had the pleasure of speaking at length to our International President, David Fisher - a delightful man who has a passion for Skål and all it stands for. He is determined to cut the dross and move the organisation forward. Of course, he will no longer be in office shortly, which is a great pity.

Claudio attended the national meeting on behalf of our club. All in all, the atmosphere was upbeat - but, as always, there seemed to be a lot of talk and probably little action will come of it (pardon me if I’m a tad cynical).

However, I did come away with the feeling that this organisation is worth fighting for. But it is up to the younger generation to do this, whilst not ignoring the valuable advice and experience of us oldies.

Skål! Janie x x

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