Brighton Sussex Sussex and the Channel April Newsletter

Brighton Sussex Sussex and the Channel April Newsletter

Your President writes:


Another month and here we are again. Moving well down the road towards our Club hosting the National Assembly in September.

Memories of 1993 when it was held in Brighton and it was hell and no notion putting together an occasion that would attract large numbers from across the, then, expansive Skål world. Now life is quieter and we will have an equally good value weekend based in Eastbourne. A brochure should be in your hands shortly and we look forward to receiving your bookings - plenty of choice re attendance: one day, two days, splash out on three. Meals only. We can accommodate them all.

Looking forward to seeing people at the Old Tollgate in Bramber to celebrate our International Day on 28 April with an early evening meal for a change. Get those bookings in now!!

In May we're aiming for a fish lunch in Escalles. Do I note a trend here? We're looking for a day trip via coach and the ferry, or people can do their own thing and go by car and stay in Calais overnight. Prices to follow!

And in June it's fish and chips on the Spa Valley railway. My goodness all this brain food!!

Phone calls today and the credit card is groaning because we're all done and dusted with our booking for the Asian Assembly based in Bahrain. Just as new travel restrictions come in for travel from Muslim countries. I'll have to go back to reading a paperback rather than my Kindle. Ah well. We're also going to the Omani Musandem Peninsula which in 2000 boasted one hotel in Khasab. Looks a bit better now, and a dhow cruise in and around the main fjords should hopefully be serene and spectacular. Must remember my travel pills…

We have a short report from Ron Brooker this month who attended the International in Monaco in the autumn. Makes interesting reading. Ron and his daughter, Julie Oliphant NEW MEMBER, are already booked for Hyderabad and now we've got our Bahrain stuff sorted, we too will be looking at booking.  Need to get a train trip sorted!

Getting into stride with the Skål year and looking forward to seeing you at functions. Have you got any one else in mind that we can get on board as member?

Christine Ayers

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