Brighton Sussex and the Channel November Newsletter

Brighton Sussex and the Channel November Newsletter

Your President writes:


Slightly quieter time since I last wrote anything. Last few days spent picking up the tree debris from the strong winds that have whistled through our valley. Very weird time watching the sky change colour several times and then that final yellow/orange glow to everything. Glad I wasn’t having to go anywhere. And then there was that rain! Guttering couldn’t cope and everywhere is so soggy now. Hopefully the heavy downpours were useful and we won’t be faced with the threat of a hosepipe ban!

Somewhere else in this newsletter you can read Julie Oliphant’s enthusiastic report of her and Ron Brooker’s visit to the International Congress in India. Philip and I had hoped to be there as well but time constraints got in the way. We’ve decided we’re going to save it and tag a holiday onto the 2019 Asian Assembly in Bangalore instead. Next year’s is in Macao 22-25 June; US$800 for the 5* package, US$650 for 4* and US$400 for Young Skål and enquiries can be made at We are now mulling over whether or not to go or to spend the time in the garden at its most prolific time.

The 2018 International Congress is in Mombasa. 2019 is likely to be a cruise skirting Mexico with a travel trade exhibition in front of it.

Ron Brooker’s report on this year’s Congress: a very brave man who sat through all the lengthy trials and tribulations, watching bemused as apparently the translators packed up at 6pm leaving non English speakers looking perplexed. A discussion on changes to the Statutes had to be set aside as the meeting was not quorate. So they should now be back in the hands of individual clubs to discuss at Council and forward results to Torremolinos. We haven’t seen copy yet and the 30 day deadline is ticking away.

Northern Ireland’s Mark Alexander has been voted in as Director for Statutes (!) -congratulations Mark.

Good turn out for skittles. Bit cold to start with but come on we’re Skål, we can cope! Graham Appleby has done a piece elsewhere and I can only underline that the best team won the brainy bit but failed miserably putting the balls down the straight.

Christine Ayers

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