Brighton, Sussex and the Channel March Newsletter

Brighton, Sussex and the Channel March Newsletter

Your President writes:



Done the Handover, got the Chain, had the lunch (very tasty and plenty of it). Now on to the presidency proper, looking at the diary and seeing what fits in.

Fish Cafe in Rye on 25 March with maybe a walk/talk from Eric before we eat; International Day at the Old Tollgate on 28 April ; Bahrain Asian Assembly in early May; Hyderabad in early October.

All to be looked at and, depending on air fares, all to be booked.

On a sad note, Brighton members will remember Richard Hawkes, widower of the lovely Joan. He has just died after having been poorly for a while.

A happier note. The daffodils are showing yellow, the snowdrops out and nodding, and after much landscaping our garden is improving. On the up. As is our club. Come on people. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm – come to the meetings, bring a friend, talk Skål, and maybe – just maybe – we'll get some applications from who knows where!

And to end?

Well done Eric! C'est magnifique!

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