Brighton, Sussex and the Channel February Newsletter

Brighton, Sussex and the Channel February Newsletter

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Dear Skålleagues

Well, it was a busy day on Sunday 22 January, write Christine Ayers. Firstly, your Council had a meeting to chew over various matters from 2016 and get to grips with 2017.

The Club accounts, scrutinised by Graham Appleby, were set before Council for comment and agreeing. Philip Ayers breathed a sigh of relief when acceptance was proposed by Anthony Gay and seconded by Edward Lewis, with full agreement to put them before the AGM.

Skål National UK is holding the AGM on 23 February and Edward has sent copy of an email urging the membership to attend.  This could be an important and interesting AGM, so if you can go please do.

There is the possibility that we’ll lose the odd member at this renewal time but I urge you to renew soonest, if you haven’t done so already, and continue to enjoy the fruits of Amicale and friendship within Skål.  And by the way, you can do business as well – so there’s a bonus!

Our Century Club is a very good deal at £12.00 per share as each month you stand the chance of getting your money back and then some. So why not buy more than one for family or even friends (if you’re feeling that generous!). You could get your money back as well as helping your Club.

Events for 2017 are basically finalised except for a few tweaks re cost.  The list is separate and available at the end so keep a copy by your calendar.  Get those dates in your diaries and even where we haven’t been able to pin down a price please believe that you will get the best deal possible and include that item of inestimable value – Amicale!

Then, after all that, there was coffee with the non-Council friends arriving for the AGM.  A useful meeting with everything whizzing through right and proper: Proposed – yes. Seconded – yes. Agreed – yes.

There was the re-election of the Honorary Members and discussion re a new one. This is being pursued by Graham Appleby. (Who was also re-elected as the accounts examiner).

Then came the election of Council Officers.  Eric Etienne was a shoo-in as Immediate Past President.  Sally Gray, Val Field, Ron Brooker and Keith Watson found themselves on Council. Anthony Gay headlined for Membership and 2nd Vice President, Martin Haley for Events, Philip Ayers for Treasurer, Edward Lewis as Secretary, Derek Ketteridge for 1st Vice President and me, Christine for President.

Many thanks to Robin Mead, who has now stood down, for all his hard work over the years on Council.

So there you have it. The outcome of the 6th AGM of Skål International Brighton, Sussex and the Channel.  At galloping Gallic speed Eric brought matters to a close and we all went on to enjoy a good Burns lunch in the restaurant. Elaine Montgomerie stabbed the haggis to the quotes of Rabbie Burns and sounds of the pipes in the background, a convivial time was had by all.  After the meal and before haring off to catch a ferry, Eric presented the John Colwill trophy to Anthony Gay.  This was for all the help and support given to Eric by Anthony and also Yolaine during his Presidential time – including the semi-French ‘veranda’ parties when the Seaford weather was inclement. Bernard and Marianne did an excellent job on the raffle front and a generous £60.00 was made for Club funds.

Before coffee, Derek Ketteridge did the draw for the National 200 Club:

1st Brian Maclean (London), 2nd Joka Fayers (Cambs & Essex), 3rd Dieter Schlieben (Southampton).

Shaking hands, some air kisses and vows to meet again we departed somewhere around 4pm.  Proper lunch!

There couldn’t be a draw for our Century Club as currently shares are not allocated to a number as a couple of renewals are outstanding. A double draw will be done at the Handover lunch on 26 February.  So get those shares bought!

And here ends my introduction to a new Presidential period.  Big thanks to Eric for all his energy and enthusiasm in the post over the last couple of years.  He can think about relaxing AFTER the National Assembly in September!!

On a different note – I know you’ve all known each other for years (in the main) but you’ve all got a story to tell.  Why not wield that literary pen and let the newsletter have a short (ish) potted history of what you’ve done, been involved with, enjoyed in Skål and life.  This is for all Skålleagues – Active, Retired, Associate or Honorary.  Maybe you have more than one story in your catalogue of memories.  Sometimes we only find out interesting things about people when we sit next to them at a dinner or lunch but it would be nice to share these snippets of a life well lived. Look forward to hearing from you.

I’ve written far too much this month so I’m saving my piece.  Let’s hear yours.  The Newsletter is for all not just the Editor! (and that’s not me…)



For the full newsletter, download the pdf.