About Us

Skål International has nearly 15,400 members in 371 clubs throughout 83 nations.

We have clubs covering all of the UK from Scotland and Northern Ireland to the Channel Islands and are part of Skål International, a non-profit association of tourism professionals world-wide.

Membership is open to directors, managers and executives from travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, attractions, transport and other related industry members who promote their businesses to a world-wide audience.

Members meet monthly to develop mutual interests in an informal and friendly atmosphere, at ever-changing venues of interest across the region.

Skål is the only organisation that can bring all the diverse sectors of the travel and tourism industry together. So, if you are not already a member and are in a managerial position with a minimum of three years experience in travel or tourism, why not join us? Once a member, you will always be made welcome at one of the clubs around the UK or throughout the world.

History of Skål

Skål is the only international organisation which brings together all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Representing the industrys managers and executives, Skålleagues meet at local, national and international level in an environment of friendship and amicale to discuss subjects of common interest. 

The first club was founded in Paris in 1932 by a group of Travel Trade managers who had been on an educational tour of Scandinavia. The idea of International friendship gained such popularity that on the 28th of April 1934. Skål achieved international status with the formation of the Association Internationale des Skål Clubs (A.I.S.C.) on the initiative of the first President of the Paris club. In the foundation of the Skål Club of Paris, 1932, the first President was René Genestie; Florimond Volckaert was encharged with the Evenements et Presse Commission: he is now considered to be the Father of Skål. From that modest beginning, Skål now has more than 15,400 members in over 371 clubs spread throughout 83 countries.

As in other associations of professionals (such as Rotary, Oddfellows and Lions), most Skål activity takes place within the clubs, but the Movement also features National and Area Committees coming under the umbrella of the A.I.S.C. (Skål International), which has its own Secretariat in Torremolinos, Spain.

Visit the web site (www.skal.org) or send an email to skal@skal.org. Skål International is governed by an Executive Committee of seven members elected by member delegates at the General Assembly which is held each November in conjunction with the World Congress (Details listed on the International page of this web site).

Benefits of Skål Membership

  • Contact for Business - more than 20,000 tourism related companies to choose from.
  • Networking - 15,400 tourism professionals worldwide with whom to make contact.
  • Moving to a new area - use Skål to meet other tourism professionals.
  • Friendship and Amicale - developing new friends within the industry.
  • Travelling - many opportunities to attend Regional, National, and International congresses, which often offer special travel arrangements.
  • Monthly Meeting - giving an opportunity to meet local colleagues, and using the occasion of local venues to entertain business associates.
  • Skål News - a quarterly Magazine issued by Torremolinos, has news and article of an international nature. Available both on the web site, and through your letter box.